Klemmer Konnect Community Terms & Conditions

As a Klemmer Konnect user I agree to abide by the Klemmer Standards of confidentiality and non-solicitation. I agree to be a positive, uplifting and edifying voice within this community. I understand that I may share my religious and political affiliations; however, I will NOT be judgmental, exclusionary, shaming, blaming or in any way divisive in my remarks. I will NOT use overt profanity nor post anything of a vulgar nature. I understand that Klemmer Konnect is an all-inclusive platform designed around the mission of creating a world that works for everyone with no one left out. I am aware that as a user on this platform that everything I post becomes the property of Klemmer. Additionally, I am aware that my user status can be revoked without cause. Finally, I understand that if I violate any of the above terms and conditions I would no longer have access to Klemmer Konnect and I would be forfeiting all my account information and content therein.