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Loving & Serving Sinners & Saints - Since 33 AD

So. You may or may not already know this about me. I intend to impact the world with a cold pressed juice company called Jesus Juice! So where do I start?

The mere mention of my intent to name a juice company Jesus Juice often evokes strong emotion.

Some people think it’s cool and they love it immediately. Some people think it’s a bit cheesy before they hear me explain the vision in detail, while others may find themselves immediately going into suspicion and possibly even judgment around it. What is this guy’s intention? Well I’m glad you asked.

My intention is to one day be the best juice on the planet, eventually being in control of the entire process from seed to sip. Maybe that’s 5 years from now, or maybe it takes 10. God only knows the answer to that one. My first intention is Jesus Juice would make the best juice we are capable of making in the region where we start.

My intention is to use the popularity of the cold pressed juice industry to eradicate nutritional deficiencies using delicious cold pressed juices, while at the same time promoting a culture that encourages Christians and non-Christians alike to forgo their bullhorns and picket signs in favor of a world where we are able to disagree on even the most controversial of topics, without hating each other for those differences of opinion or beliefs.


The short version is this: Create a cold pressed juice company run by people who believe we are called to create a product that is of the quality that we would serve to God Himself, and use that juice company as a platform to encourage Christians and non-Christians alike to lay down any spirit of hatred or condemnation and commit to a spirit of love, joy, peace, kindness, mercy, and the like.

You see it’s my belief that our respectful disagreements can spark forward thinking. Our respectful disagreements can build trust between us when we see that those differences between us don’t necessarily need to cause a great divide. I can love you while we disagree. I can look out for you and your best interests, even while we strongly disagree on the most controversial of subjects. Show me that you can do the same, and I believe our world will be a better place for it.

So it’s a cold pressed juice company that I believe has great potential for eternal and worldwide impact. If you don’t believe Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, we can agree to disagree, and I’ll agree to love you and look out for you even if you don’t agree to do the same for me. My hope is that you will.

Q: Can I produce the best quality juice on the planet?

A: I'm gonna dedicate every day to that goal and if it's not the absolute best, it will at least be among the best!

Q: Can I guarantee this company will succeed?

A: Nope! But I guarantee it won't fail for lack of effort on my part.

Q: Am I scared?

A: Yep!

Q: Am I feeling encouraged by your support to press through these fears and risk failing big in front of everyone whose opinion I care about in my life?

A: Well, sometimes yes and sometimes no. Sometimes the fear overtakes me. But the cats out of the bag now, so here we go!

I already have a location for production. This will be a new facility custom built for cold-pressed juice production!

If you believe in the culture I am out to perpetuate with this company, and you’d like to see Jesus Juice become a reality, I’d like to invite you become an early supporter. My goal is to raise $250,000.00!! Here are some of the ways we could use support:

1. Place a Cold Pressed Juice Pre-order for

yourself or anyone you’d like. (Currently San Antonio

pick-up only)

2. Pre-Order a T-Shirt, Hat, or Hoodie

3. Pledge any amount in a GoFundMe sort of

manner. (ask for details)

4. Share this correspondence with friends and

family (once I take it off private)

5. All of the above

6. Any combination of the above



Please message me with any interest you have in any of the 6 choices I mentioned above. Or, just with some feedback on how this message sits with you. I invite, encourage, and appreciate any and all feedback you may have.


10% of everything raised will go straight to Giver's Market Place!!!! 


Thank you so much for your support and for believing in me and in my vision!


Patrick LambKin

(210) 639-5433

Patrick LambKin
Heart of the Samurai grad
MSSF pledge: 10%


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