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This is something that has become near and dear to my heart. This concept has absolutely changed my life and possibly saved it. It has allowed me to impact children on local, national and international levels, serving numerous Boys and Girls Clubs, constructing Dream Courts in underprivileged areas, building over 100 schools in Guatemala, supplying water filtration systems and clean water solutions in Michigan, Haiti, Liberia and elsewhere. It has allowed me to take over 30 vacations with this company in the last 4 years, to places like Alaska, Costa Rica, Hawaii, all over the states, and about 10 other islands. Being able to create peak-life memories with my loved ones (mom, dad, sons, daughter, brother, and friends), and earn an income, while positively impacting lives, around the globe is something that feels like a dream come true. As we learn, our experiences are up to us. I have simply chosen to participate, embrace this, and be a participant. Will you?

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