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Who is Sonoma Laser Engraving?

Sonoma Laser Engraving is comprised of a small team of highly skilled engravers and talented designers who have dedicated an immense amount of time to prefect the skill set required to do medium to large scale industrial engraving. Hundreds of hours have gone into making sure our team is prepared to take on even the most precise work and provide a final product your company will be happy to have representing your machined parts all across the globe.

Where is your work done?

Sonoma Laser Engraving is a local business and we do 100% of our work IN HOUSE. Your parts will NEVER be shipped to another facility, town, state, or overseas. When the parts come to our office that’s where they will remain until your job is complete, then it’s back to you. We use 100% American parts, lasers, and equipment and do not represent the interests of corporate industrial conglomerates. Sending your business to Sonoma Laser Engraving not only ensures the security of small businesses in Sonoma County, but also allows you to be comfortable with the knowledge that your delicate machine parts are being handled by your neighbors with care, not shipped to a no name warehouse and tossed around without any regard for your craftsmanship.

Why Laser?

Laser marking and engraving is not only more efficient and cost effective, the results are significantly more refined. Laser engraving allows for perfect results even on a millimeter scale while still retaining the quality of a large image or group of text. Also, due to the high frequency action of the laser beam we’re capable of removing minute layers from metals in a non-destructive way such as the removal of rust, paint, or anodizing. An endless slew of laser mark and engraving settings allow us to produce a clean and high quality result on virtually any metal including but not limited to aluminum, steel, titanium, tungsten, brass, gold, silver, tin, iron and bronze.

Who do we serve?

You! Sonoma Laser Engraving serves everyone in the greater Sonoma County area and many outside our immediate region as well. We work with professionals and businesses in the engineering, industrial design, and manufacturing sectors as well as small machine shops, design shops, and individuals. We’ve helped polish off thousand piece jobs, done small sample work, and everything in between. We’re looking forward to meeting you and doing business together and we’re always open to explore new possibilities in new industries so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests. 

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